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The D2i Data Package

This all-in-one package includes our innovative D2i Data Platform, D2i Data Paths, and D2i Conversation Guides. The Data Package assists educators in understanding Louisiana school accountability data and its connection to everyday practice. View, filter, print, and share data reports with your team for valuable insight of your system's effectiveness. The platform also allows for immediate communication alongside the data for powerful, data-driven school improvement conversations.

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D2i Student Growth to Mastery Workshops

Complete the D2i process of deliberately addressing student growth to mastery in our collaborative workshops. School leaders will be able to identify specific data to track and understand the importance of why to track it. Setting goals at the district, school, and teacher-level will become data-appropriate, and leaders will be able to easily monitor and support their efforts. Participants will leave with a system for planning professional development and PLCs throughout the year. Teams will be allowed to focus on the right work for student growth according to the framework of Louisiana School Accountability.

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Understanding Your Performance Score

Data to Information gives school leaders the tools to analyze and respond to their school performance scores.

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40+ years of experience with
the Louisiana curriculum

With decades of experience in the Louisiana school system, our team has a deep understanding of Louisiana accountability and its connection to the work of all educators. Our approach is specifically designed to bridge the gap between Louisiana school accountability and school improvement.

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All of your data in one user-friendly platform
Organized data patterns to understand your score
Minimize data overload by providing only relevant, actionable data
Identify successful and struggling student groups through dynamic filtering
Dashboards structured for Louisiana School Accountability
Specific systems to address student growth to mastery
Platform Comparison
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Karen’s contributions to the academic success of Lafourche Parish Public schools was undeniable in contributing to our district achieving our current ranking of number 3 in the state for school performance. Karen’s ability to gather and interpret test data, ultimately, put Lafourche on the right track for aligning the curriculum and ensuring that all administrators and teachers became knowledgeable about that data and how it related to our school performance scores. On top of her data sense, Karen also possesses the skills needed to present the information effectively to all personnel involved.

— Louis Voiron, Jr., Ed. D.,  
Superintendent, Lafourche Parish School District

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In working with Karen, we have learned how to make connections from our School Performance Scores to everyday practice. We can now identify how each subject, grade, teacher, and students’ performance impacts our school performance.  By uncovering and understanding every aspect of our accountability structure, we are now assured that we are taking steps that will result in success for our students, teachers, school, and district.

— Kenneth Delcambre, M.Ed.,
Blue Ribbon School Principal, 2017 Middle School Principal of the Year, Supervisor of Curriculum & Accountability, Lafourche Parish School District

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Because I was able to access the appropriate data from my feeder schools, every student was able to be placed in an appropriate learning environment on day one and we had a clear picture of who they were academically. Detailed data allows you to have confidence when allocating precious funding or making decisions for campus staffing.  That type of data and interpretation skills are what I was able to gain from working with Mrs. Gisclair and Mrs. Guidry.

— Gregory C. Cook, M.Ed.,
Principal, West Thibodaux Middle School

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Your presentation sparked some great conversations with our teachers and administrators about the challenges teachers face in teaching the entire curriculum and what measures we have or need to put in place to overcome them. I wanted to thank you for providing an excellent catalyst for our discussion.

— Jason Dupuy, Assessment & Accountability Coordinator,
Central Community School System/Teacher Leader Summit Participant


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