Data to Information is where school accountability meets everyday practice.

A New Perspective

Through research and experience, we found that while educators have access to school accountability data and Tier 1 Curricula, they often struggle to connect the two. It's our perspective that without this understanding, educators can be unable to clearly determine where school improvement efforts result in success or failure. This leads to tireless efforts and valuable resources spent on processes and products that have a marginal effect on student achievement.  

We were determined to create a system that simplified accountability’s connection to the work happening in schools, so educators could focus on the right work and see student growth. The foundation of Data to Information is the core belief that Louisiana’s school accountability framework defines a highly effective school system and has a direct connection to the everyday practices of schools.  We deliberately built D2i products and services to clarify that connection and transform school accountability data into actionable information for student success.  

We are incredibly excited to share our system with Louisiana schools, and even more excited to see the results.  

We sincerely look forward to working with you.

Renée Guidry & Karen Gisclair

Meet Our Team

Karen Gisclair

Karen Gisclair

Karen Gisclair earned a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Mathematics Education, Master's Degree in Counselor Education, and a Master's Plus 30 in Educational Leadership from Nicholls State University. Karen has spent over 30 years in the Louisiana school system serving as a teacher, school counselor, high school administrator and Supervisor of Accountability and Middle School Curriculum. Through her extensive research and on-the-ground experience with curriculum and accountability, she has a deep understanding of accountability and its connection to the everyday practice of school and district-level educators.  Karen is committed to clarifying the framework of Louisiana school accountability so educators can focus on the right work. She believes that D2i will remove the guesswork from school improvement and provide a clear path to teacher and student success.
Renee Guidry

Renée Guidry

Renee Guidry has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education from Nicholls State University and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from American College of Education. She began her professional career serving her community as a high school art teacher in the Lafourche Parish Public School District. Renee continued her service in Lafourche Parish as an Academic Coach and District Safe and Supportive Schools Coordinator.  Renee's public school district experience granted her the rare opportunity to work in teams of amazing educators and institutions dedicated to improving curriculum and instruction throughout the parish while observing firsthand the difficulties in connecting school accountability metrics to everyday teaching-learning plans.  She is driven to enhance the effectiveness of school improvement plans by transforming data into effective, supportive action.  Renee believes wholeheartedly that this product allows educators to do just that, and she is excited to see its impact on student achievement and teacher success throughout the state.

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Rooted In Louisiana

With decades of experience in the Louisiana school system, our team has a deep understanding of Louisiana accountability and its connection to the work of all educators. Our approach is specifically designed to bridge the gap between Louisiana school accountability and school improvement.